Pricing – Websites (Demo)

Catholic Ministry Sites

Cost of Requirements Gathering (This includes meeting times, write-up of what is expected, and site map) – $320
Cost of Set up of site framework  – $150
Development of Design and Layout – Between 2-5 days would be spent on straight forward site $640– $1600.
Deployment and Site Setup – $150
Cost of Site Hosting – I recommend for hosting at $40 a year, plus cost of domain (average $10 dollars a year)
Cost of Theme for site – ~$70, one time fee
Cost to set up a straight forward site with WordPress or eCatholic that takes 4 days from start to finish  – $1250 development cost + $120 static costs.  The Cincinnati Senatus website was completed in this timeframe.
If you can provide the following, then you can cut down on costs.  However, these services are provided as well.
(Optional)Development of Content (Copy written and edited by professional) – $650
(Optional)Photography for Site – (Photos taken with professional camera) – $160-1000
(Optional)Custom Artwork – Depending on your site, you may want original designs. – Cost $160-1000


Content Management

If you do not feel comfortable keeping your site up to date for the long term, we can handle that for you.  You would just need to email us with the changes you would like to see made, and we will make them for you in a timely manner.
This service is highly variable due to how often you wish to update your site. As a metric, for example for services such as preparing photos for the web and uploading them, expect to pay $30 an hour.  We would bill you in half hour increments.
Optionally, instructional videos can be created in order to teach you how to do what you would like to have done on the site.  To create custom instructional videos would be approximately $150 per 5 minute video.