Angela Saval – Owner of Catholic Assist

The driving force behind Catholic Assist, LLC is to glorify God and do His Will.  Therefore, I take seriously the work that He allows me to do in the digital realm. My background is in Computer Science (B.S. from Carnegie Mellon University.) , but has expanded into website design and music over the course of several years.

The heart of this business is to bring Christ to the world and to use my talent and experience to achieve this by the grace of God.  I focus on Catholic ministries’ digital needs whether they be websites, social media campaigns, videos, or custom artwork.

My primary platforms for web design are WordPress and eCatholic. However, I have built web pages from scratch using HTML/CSS/Javascript.  I am also capable of building web applications using Drupal and PHP. I have created work for a Catholic press company, a parish, multi-state apostolates within the Catholic Church, and a non-profit. I am familiar with Facebook Pages, Facebook Ads Manager and Instagram.  Please see my Youtube Profile with videos I produced of my work in the link below.

I consider it an honor and privilege to design sites for Catholic churches, non-profit foundations, Catholic blog sites, and more because I know that I am being entrusted with the Light that these sites are bringing to the internet.