Pricing – Slideshow Videos (Demo)

The following is a break down of costs to create a custom slideshow video
Costs are to produce at least a 5 minute video.
Research for script – 4-8 hours – $100-200
Writing of Script with edits made by professional writer – 3-5 hours – $75-125
Recording audio with professional microphone and audio processing – 3-5 hours -$75-125
If not supplying images, research of free images or possible paid images that are credited – 3-6 hours – $75-150
(Optional, custom photography with professional camera on site – 5-8 hours – $125-200)
(Optional, custom music score that goes along with the drama of the story being told – 5-10 hours $125-250)
Production of the video with image transitions, timing to the script, and timing of music score – 8-16 hours – $200-400

Average cost with all features – $700
Average cost of a 5 minute video total without custom music, but with copyright free music=$600
If you supply the script and images and copyright free music, the cost would average to be $400