ASK Discussion Group 

Come to a meeting! ASK discussion group meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 6:30 in the St. Francis library.
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Are you interested in learning how to introduce your friend or family member to Catholicism? Are you not sure of the best way to share the faith?

Introducing someone to God can seem overwhelming. What do you say or do? That is where the ASK discussion group comes in.

ASK is an open-ended, informal discussion group where people can drop in and talk about God without fear of being put down or facing heavy-handed proselytizing. It consists of a small team of parishioners who are passionate about Jesus and the Church. Our goal is not to engage guests in deep discussions on theology or doctrine, but to be an instrument in helping others fall in love with Jesus through personal witness and dialogue.

Here is how to get started.

Before you invite someone to the ASK discussion group:

1. Find out more about ASK from our brochure or by speaking with an ASK Team member. Team members include Kevin Luksus, Tim and Ann Lacey, Angela Saval, and Travis Graves.
2. Attend an ASK meeting. We meet the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month.
3. Pick up ASK Invitation Cards at the meeting to hand out to friends and family members.

After you invite someone to ASK:

1. Pray for that person.
2. Attend an ASK meeting with them.

Inviting your friends and relatives to ASK is one way you can respond to the Great Commission—Jesus calling us to spread the faith. Through your invitation, you can become an instrument in God’s plan and your loved one’s transformation

5 Ways You Can Use ASK

#1 A Way to Reach Out to Family and Friends Talking to family members about your faith can be tough. Try inviting them to ASK.

#2 A Discussion Forum for the curious. We’ll discuss any topic related to God, faith or life.

#3 A Way to Explore the Catholic Faith. People, today, have received a lot of misinformation about the Catholic Church. Bring your questions and let’s find answers together.

#4 A Way for Fallen-Away Catholics to Reconnect. Has someone you know stopped coming to Mass and seems reluctant to return? ASK can help close the gap.

#5 A Ministry of Listening, Support, and Prayer Life can be a struggle, and we sometimes feel isolated as we try to sort things out. The ASK Team is here to listen and offer support.

Come Join Us! ASK discussion group meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 6:30 in the St. Francis library

We are a diverse group of Catholics who are committed to the mission of the Church. Well into our second year as a ministry, we have learned what works and what doesn’t.

We serve a meal and welcome any who attend. Phone: : (765) 372-8405 Facebook: